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The new life of a disciple is a life of obedience to Jesus' commandments, or it is not a new life at all. It is worthless to acknowledge the lordship of Christ in baptism and then ignore his commandments. So all disciple-makers must be teachers, and disciples must be continual learners.

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1 – Foundation Class

A one on one discipleship class for new believers, touching on the basics of faith in Jesus Christ. It can be held anytime, anywhere.

2 – Alpha Course

What’s the meaning of Life and My purpose? This 10 week practical introduction to the Christian faith answers these questions of life. Course runs once a year simultaneously in June.

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3 – Baptism Class

Water Baptism is a public declaration of your new birth and faith in the finished work of Christ! This is available to all who have made Jesus Christ their personal Lord and Saviour.

To prepare all believers for water baptism, this class offers solid foundations of a new life in Christ.

4 – Baby Dedication Class

To prepare parents in welcoming their new born baby, this class is filled with excitement as we study God’s ever relevant word in parenting today and exchange practical experiences and ideas.

5 – Getting Married

Heart warming one to one and joint sessions with our pastors over a period of 6 lessons. This marriage preparation course helps couples implement God’s best desire for their marriage based on the Bible. A fun filled time of laughter yet some serious study and nervous moments awaits eager couples.


Connect group is a place to connect with one another, sharing the love of God through the Word, praise and worship and friendship in a small group setting. By Staying Connected, we are able to care and encourage each other.


To be connected to a small group community is to do life together, be it praying and worshipping, having meals or simply just hanging out. By Staying Connected, we are able to care, pray and encourage each other.

Can I Join?

Absolutely, Yes! We will be delighted to know you. Just drop us a note at our FB, web or email at and we will Stay Connected.

Where is it?

We are at many different locations – cafes, homes, schools, parks and at any place where it is convenient for people to get together. You can join the one that suits you.
Just get in touch and our leaders will be glad to help you

1. Glenmarie : Zelda Justin (019-3983124)
2. Section 13 Shah Alam: Prishaant Paul (017-7522891)
3. Subang : Nicholas Lim (012-3293080)
4. Setia Alam : Gary Lim (016-6210743)
5. Damansara : Joshua McDavies (012-8532527)
6. Kuala Lumpur : Jason Pragash (012-5450300)
7. Kota Kemuning : Pr Lai Keng (011-26262946)


Creating moments that will help kids grow into God’s promise and purpose is priceless. We are passionate to serve by nurturing and shaping the young lives with the love of God. A journey of a life growth experience together with parents and teachers. Come experience the immeasurable joy with the little ones and join us!