One Muslim lead the internet Islamic matchmaking marketplace

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One Muslim lead the internet Islamic matchmaking marketplace

Founded in 2000, UK-based sole Muslim is actually a respected global Islamic matchmaking internet site. It is basically the 1st mover assisting youthful english Muslims look for lifestyle couples on the internet. The platform provide another, Islamically acceptable program for younger Muslims to activate and find her living associates.

One Muslim was launched at the same time any time online dating sites was developing traction. The opportunity to see prospective life business partners in a flexible, modern sorts would be an unmet demand during the time it was actually founded. There were a generation of young Muslims frustrated with conventional matchmaking that included personal pressures, and often contributed to a lot of eligible Muslims struggling to look for a person.

“The major reason was actually that people happened to be the very first creation of [young] Muslims [in the UK] struggling to find couples. Oftentimes, relationships had been positioned between households and Muslims appear forced because mom relied on their own, often out dated reviews,” believed President and Founder Adeem Younis.

Due to the fact need for on the web matrimonial providers increases among more youthful ages of Muslims, needed available from individual Muslim can be progressively vital. The platform offers the same function as dating online, like power to chat, communication and hook up, it is targeted around major associations.

“The important thing to make note of concerning this tool is the fact it is critical to the beliefs of Muslims, and is also a “end of religion” version of assistance and critical to the raising and emerging demographic,” stated Younis.


  1. About 10 % on the UK’s estimated 2.5 million Muslims include recorded aided by the web site
  2. It offers assisted in over 10,000 fits triggering marriages since creation


The global marketplace for online dating sites was projected at $2.1 billion in 2014 by researching the market vendor IBISWorld, with around CAGR of 3 % through 2020.

The Islamic idea of matchmaking is different fundamentally from ‘conventional’ online dating and Muslim requires, for example those of Muslim millennials, who’ve been unaddressed by typical websites.

The particular Muslim marketplace for Islamic on the web matchmaking exceeded $120 million in 2014, supposing Muslims signify 6 per cent of absolute markets advantages, in equivalent portion to Muslim share with the Consumer-Facing handheld marketplace, as outlined into the county of international Islamic industry 2015/16 state by Thomson Reuters in collaboration with DinarStandard.

Understanding the special needs of Muslims, Single Muslim has found to convey an Islamically acceptable system for younger Muslims to engage and locate a good life partner.


Individual Muslim possess concentrated on the Muslim market, and interests Muslims as a “service for Muslims operate by Muslims”, unlike other online matchmaking business that, in accordance with Younis, usually tend to offering a “white-label item” which is sold to Muslims as to different associations, but may frequently cause additional solutions which will struggle on your values of Muslims..

Generating successes across different forums has been essential to sole Muslim construction reliability among people. Per its websites, it creates at least four successes on a daily basis, and demonstrably shows these articles during the crucial marketing and advertising focus.

The working platform even offers an intriguing method to competitors which underlines the organization’s self-confidence with its providing.

Younis mentioned, “We grasp competitor and feel that it forces awareness of the matrimonial service and dependence on it, and it is not just untypical for Muslims to utilize several carrier before deciding which best suits their demands.”

Individual Muslim has additionally enhanced into other industry, such as the U.S., Canada, the center eastern and Pakistan.


Sole Muslim continues adept a regarding folks when you look at the look steps and has gave them the opportunity to setup pages, having the steps begun previous.

“i do believe parents should be a whole lot more active in the online choices steps, and commence imagining this procedure a great deal earlier on. Muslims should also end up being knowledgeable at a young young age concerning their tasks and responsibilities…you inspire households for engaging from your outset and celebrate families contribution in the research processes. Indeed, we come across that as one of the increases aspects for the organization.”


Single Muslim anticipates sound development in the need for web Islamic matchmaking, underpinned by a more youthful demographic that can require matchmaking treatments during the year ahead. .


The actual primary challenges the working platform faced got scaling its companies, basically around supporting promotion and innovation work.

But regardless of this, the organization received a tougher business model and could create funds internally without needing big exterior expense, confirmed Younis.

Another test could be the raising rivals thinking about Islamic on the internet matchmaking. But the firm wants to steadfastly keep up their fundamental aggressive appeal.

“There shall be far more entrants entering the business meet sugar daddy in pennsylvania due to its growth and appeal, especially as brand new cash can be purchased in from VC firms. In particular, all of us may also determine a lot more conventional participants attempting to focus on the Muslim market…However, we preserve our personal change, and that is that we commonly trivial but provide a very, extremely serious concept,” Younis said.


Focusing on the Muslim buyer group for services that require different tailoring to Islamic worth may be feasible enough to create essential range.

Acquire testimonials and market those clearly to prospective consumers and associates.

Identify various other crucial influencers through the internet based dating/matchmaking procedures and deal with these people inside your advertising and marketing and merchandise solution.

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