Often when we lose our belonging i.e. a car key,we will try to trace back our steps and most of the time we don’t know where to start. Where do we start when we feel we have lost our way in life?

In Luke chapter 15,verse 11 it says “a certain man had two sons. The younger son desired the world and left his father’s house and the older son stayed and served in the father’s house, but not knowing his identity as a son. Both the sons lost their way, but interestingly it is the father who comes out to them, so that they can be found in his house. When the younger son decided to go home, it says in verse 20 ..his father saw him and had compassion, ran and fell on his neck and kissed him.”

Father’s heart is for the lost to be found.The older son was upset and angry. He refused to join the homecoming party of his brother, but again it was the father who desired that the older son be found by his love.

In verse 28 it says..”Therefore his father came out and pleaded with him.”

This is the heart of God for us, for the lost to be found. Bible says God loved us first and we are found by His grace. Where do we start when we lose our way? we trace our steps back to the start,the heart of our heavenly Father. He found us and loved us first.

Martin Smith sings ‘Back to the start, where you found me,take everything,I’m coming home again.’

At our Church, we want every meeting to be a homecoming service for all of God’s children,no matter which side of the brothers in this story you are.

Lets trace our steps back to the start where our Heavenly Father always loved us first.

See ya at Church!

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