Connect group is a place to connect with one another, sharing the love of God through the Word, praise and worship and friendship in a small group setting. By Staying Connected, we are able to care and encourage each other.


To be connected to a small group community is to do life together, be it praying and worshipping, having meals or simply just hanging out. By Staying Connected, we are able to care, pray and encourage each other.

Can I Join?

Absolutely, Yes! We will be delighted to know you. Just drop us a note at our FB, web or email at and we will Stay Connected.

Where is it?

We are at many different locations – cafes, homes, schools, parks and at any place where it is convenient for people to get together. You can join the one that suits you.
Just get in touch and our leaders will be glad to help you

1. Glenmarie : Zelda Justin (019-3983124)
2. Section 13 Shah Alam: Prishaant Paul (017-7522891)
3. Subang : Nicholas Lim (012-3293080)
4. Setia Alam : Gary Lim (016-6210743)
5. Damansara : Joshua McDavies (012-8532527)
6. Kuala Lumpur : Jason Pragash (012-5450300)
7. Kota Kemuning : Pr Lai Keng (011-26262946)


Creating moments that will help kids grow into God’s promise and purpose is priceless. We are passionate to serve by nurturing and shaping the young lives with the love of God. A journey of a life growth experience together with parents and teachers. Come experience the immeasurable joy with the little ones and join us!