We desire to serve God with all our HEARTS and to HONOR each other as we do ministry together. Creating an atmosphere of faith where everyone can experience a life change and miracles. Our volunteers are dedicated to serve together for this cause.

Team nights are on every 3rd Saturday at 7pm. You are welcome to join us and be part of the team.

Team Creative


Designing a creative expression through audio, visual, lighting, media, photography and social media. Are you interested in this area of service? Switch on and join us!


Expressing ourselves through this God given talents by bringing praises unto God with a heart of worship. We would love to provide the platform where all of us can experience His Presence in our gatherings. Pick it up and join us!


Performing through creativity in drama, dance, story telling and prop set up. There is no limit to a persons imagination in communicating a message of hope and love through arts. Get on stage and join us!

Team Experience

It is our privilege to welcome you into our home and make everyone from all ages feel belonged and to experience a meaningful life giving community. We seek to serve and build lives towards a greater purpose.


It is always exciting to be the first to greet and welcome everyone, to assist in every way and to walk together to find the best seats. Smile and come join us!


We delight in serving everyone a cup of coffee or tea and refreshments.


friendships, engaging in conversations, bursting into laughters, we seek to create a place of connection each time we gather together. Bring your merry heart and come join us!

Bon Happy Tea

Our food and beverages volunteers are creatively talented and generous in cooking up the best for everyone. They Find great joy and fulfilment in seeing others served and nourished. Share your recipe and come join us!

Visitation & Care

To do to others as you would have them do to you. Everyone will appreciate care and our volunteers are ready and willing to come visit, encourage and pray with you. Do get in touch with any of our Connect group leaders.



To be a youth is to live the best life with a purpose and meaning. Every time the community of students meet it is a life giving experience. Whether it is a concerts or a simple bbq party or a prayer gathering. Every young person can engage and experience God. We meet periodically on Friday Nights. Come join us!

Get in touch with us : Ealiza at 012-8006200

B. Wonder Woman

A gathering of women from all walks of life, we desire to connect and empower women by being a source of encouragement and support. Let’s chat, eat and pray together. We meet periodically on Saturday evenings. Come and join us. Our leaders will be glad to serve you.

Get in touch with us: Junita at 016-4279040

C. Code Red

A prayer gathering, as daughters in this community of faith. Every women are welcome to uphold the church family in prayer, from the youngest child to the most mature person.

Prayer brings healing and wholeness to everyone.

Get in touch with us: Junita at 016-4279040

D. Missions

Everyone has a story to tell and can serve and participate in sharing the goodness of God. Various ways you can do missions in the field. Preaching, music, arts at outreach visits. Street feeding, tuition classes, children’s camp are some of the mission possibilities.

Get in touch with us: Pr Lai Keng at 011-26262946