The much anticipated Christmas time is here again. Our church is getting ready to celebrate SKY CHRISTMAS with the community but in the busyness of preparation this December month. I ask myself what’s the Christmas in me? Three things came to my mind and i would like to share it with you and do encourage the church to display it to people.

The Christmas in me .003

Light guides our path, in life we must rely & seek the light and not walk blindly in darkness. LOOK UP & LOOK FRONT, it goes before you.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.(Matthew 2:10 nkjv), The LIGHT from the star guided them to the point of Christmas, JESUS. He is the reason we display the joy, which strengthens the weak. We are the light of the world!, We shine and encourage people to look ahead to the guiding light instead of the dark past.

The Christmas in me .005

LOVE is the second point, the christmas in me must display love at all cost. First the love of God to be ingrained in our hearts.

It is not difficult to be a christian, just be a lover Jesus. If you love someone you will want to please the person,talk about the person, share moments,display the qualities of the person and you won’t be ashamed of the person. Jesus is that person to me, at our church we sing ‘The God i know is the light of the city, the God i know He strengthens the weak, the God i know is faithful and true’.

The Christmas in me .006

We can’t stop repeating about loving people in our church, the new testament church were reminded about this in all the epistles.In the book of Genesis,the spirit of Cain sought to justify itself even in a seemingly act of worship. Cain in bringing his offering to God, got jealous and eventually murdered his brother Abel. Where did all this take place? In the process of bringing an offering to God.

A dangerous place to be when in acts of worship, while serving or bringing an offering to God, we allow ill feelings to take over in the church. In serving GOD we must do it with love and gladness and not to fall into the trap needing self praise. The Christmas in me reminds me of not short changing the blessings of God. There is no place to be jealous or inferior, we ought to cherish one another to higher level of purpose.


The Christmas in me .008

Think Less, Live More. The Christmas in me is about Jesus being the source of LIFE and to know that HE desires all his children to live life and not be in constant worry that vexes our soul. At our church we often say ‘BE BLESSED,BE INSPIRED & BE ENCOURAGED’.

We want every person who comes to church,to walk out with so much hope in life, because of Jesus and His promises in their hearts. Those who are planted in the house of God shall flourish the bible says and Greater is HE that is in you than he that is in the world.

So every single person is important to us, numbers are important to us because Jesus would still go looking for the 1 lost person even if 99 had been found. God has commanded us to reach out to people. Christmas in me is the life of Christ in me.

As a church we are so looking forward to share the LIGHT,LOVE & LIFE this Christmas season with you

Bless ya,

Pastor Justin


*You are welcome to join us. Free Admission








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