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7 Days Church-wide Fasting & Prayer

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We begin a 7 day of fasting & prayer from 7th August (mon) to 13th August (sun) 2017.

I encourage everyone to commit to fasting and praying during these seven days as we believe for more of Jesus in our personal life,family and our church.

“Blessed is the man who hungers and thirsts for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.” Matthew 5:6
Choose your type of fast:

1.Full 7 day daily fast – one meal a day.
2. Partial fast – no big meals but light food/juices only.
3. Daniel fast – Water, fruits and vegetables only.

Whatever you choose, set aside daily time to pray, read bible as you experience Jesus more. Be intentional and remove unnecessary distractions. It will be a good to continue reading the book of Romans in this season.

2 Chronicles 7:14 (NLT)
14 Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.


  1. Personal relationship with Jesus be strengthened.Overcome temptations,addictions and distractions.
  2. Families stay healthy,united and prosper.
  3. Personal guide & growth in studies,business,career and future dreams & plan.
  4. Church to grow deeper in love with Jesus, wider to reach more people and higher display of christian lifestyle.
  5. Church operation & building fund finances.

Living Dedicated Conference 2017

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Living Dedicated 2017 Conference was a success!  We’re honoured to have Ps.Isaiah Fadzlin from Singapore as our guest speaker.It was held on the 8th & 9th July 2017. For 2 days, we are truly blessed with the time of sharing from Ps.Isaiah on how to live a dedicated life for our God,Jesus Christ.







Ps Isaiah led us in a prophetic time of ministry for all the members and our lives have been touched through his teaching and his personal testimonies.

Besides the amazing time of just soaking in God’s presence from Ps.Isaiah’s sharing, we’ve enjoyed ourselves with the performances from some of our ACC talented youths.

From dancing to basking session, we’re proud of each one of them for taking their time & effort in planning an enjoyable conference session for all of us.




It was an inspiring & wonderful time and we’re challenged in so many ways from this conference.




We believe the conference can be summed up in this quote from Ps.Isaiah, “Its God or Never”.


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God be praised! We have successfully launched Arise & Build -Set Your Hands on 17/7/2016. We would like to thank every member of the church for setting their hands to this good work by embarking on this lasting legacy.

This is more than just a ‘fund raising’, more than just getting a place of worship. Arise & Build is about ‘building lives’ as a Kingdom Family.          A place of blessing,inspiration & encouragement.
Every new season of giving, we renew our commitment to build the house of God. We don’t give to get something back but God always surprise us with HIS abundant love.

So they said, “Let us rise up and build.” Then they set their hands to this good work.(Neh 2:18)



RESET by Dr Terry L Thompson

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Reset by Terry Thompson

TERRY L. THOMPSON is the Senior minister and Director of Global Leadership Network Ministries a Houston, Texas-area based Apostolic educational development organization for leadership in the church community, business environment, and academic venues.  He is an internationally known conference speaker and instructor with over 40 years of leadership teaching and University level presentations.

The article RESET is timely for us at Alpha Colors Church as we journey as a KINGDOM FAMILY,  we anticipate his ministry with us on Friday the 15th January & Sunday 17th January. You are welcome to join us for these special services and bring friends along!

Further Reading is available at :

Blessed New 2016!

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